Our Business is evolving

Transports Coué are equipped with a heavy load handling arm for their logistics

Acquisition of a Neoditech handling arm for our logistics

⚡ In a constant concern to preserve the health of our employees, we have invested in a Neoditech handling arm ! This new tool 🛠 added to the forklift allows to lift and move heavy loads up to 100kg ! In video 🎥, Alexandre, one of our…
Departure of the remarkable on the roads of France

Our reMarquables go on the roads of France

✨ It's time to leave for our reMarquables! The new 🚛 truck bearing the Team Coué are leaving our warehouses! A beautiful communication about our teams, the Road Transport business and the Mayenne department starts on the French roads! Keep…
Transports Coué honors its employees with communication The people of Mayenne are remarkable

“Les Mayennais sont reMarquables” : our teams, the Road Transport profession & Mayenne highlighted on our trucks!

"Les Mayennais sont reMarquables !" The dynamism, creativity and attractiveness that this communication campaign inspired by the Departmental Council of Mayenne has won over our leader, François Coué. He saw the opportunity to put our teams…
Containment - Transports Coué continue their Transport & Logistics activities

2nd Containment – Continuation of our Transport & Logistics activities

We are continuing all of our Transport and Logistics activities during this new period of confinement. All our teams 👥 remain available to enable you to continue delivering 🚛 your products. 📲 #Trucktransport…
Management via software packages of our storage of hazardous materials

Management via software packages of our storage of hazardous materials

The Ministry of Ecological Transition, in its post-Lubrizol plan, has reinforced the requirements for the storage of flammable 🔥 and combustible liquids, especially in logistics warehouses. One of the next obligations ❗️ will be to be…
Quality of service reinforcement of protective skirt for Transports Coué pallets

Higher pallet protection skirts to guarantee quality transport

In a constant effort to improve our quality of service ✅, we have chosen higher pallet protection skirts🔝 to guarantee 🚛 optimal transport of our customers' goods in the event of packaging deemed too fragile. 🧐 Rodolphe, our Dock…
Transports Coue Article Evolutrans Logistique Coue

Evolutrans article on our Logistics service you Evolutrans for this article which shows the strong link which unites us and allows us as an SME to position ourselves in front of large logisticians thanks to the reliability…
Transports Coué de nouveau dans le classement des sociétés logistiques 3PL

Transports Coué listed in the top 125 of French 3PL logistics companie

We are delighted again this year to be part of the top 125 French 3PL logisticians! #logistics #news #truck
En raison du coronavirus les formations se font en visioconférence

Training by videoconference during Coronavirus containment

We took advantage of this complicated period to carry out training, continue to develop our skills🤓💪, ..., while being masked 😷and by videoconference 🖥 in order to preserve our health protection. #Formation #TransportRouti…
Transports Coue activite logistique

Our operational logistics team

Our logistics team 👥, even a small one, remains operational 👍 to support all its customers in restarting ✅ their activity. We are delighted to participate in that of Triflex!
Transports Coué - réception de nouveaux tracteurs

Reception of new Trucks: more safety, comfort and less CO2 emissions

Reception of new latest generation trucks: DAF 480XF 🚛! Their start-up is planned for this month. This regular renewal of our fleet is a guarantee of quality, it allows us to benefit from a fleet of vehicles always equipped with the latest…
Transports Coué identifiés pour faire partie du Palmarès 2020 des champions de la croissance

Transports Coué identified as a growing company

Last September, our company was identified 🔍 by the newspaper Les Echos and the Statista Institute as a very serious candidate to appear in the 2020 list of 500 companies champions of growth 📈 over the period 2015-2018. February 07, 2020…
Notre plateforme logistique déjà classée ICPE est désormais également déclarée auprès de la D.D.C.S.P.P. de la Mayenne pour le stockage de denrées alimentaires en sec

Logistics platform Transports Coué declared to the DDCSPP in Mayenne – France

Our logistics warehouse is declared to the DDCSPP (Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations) in Mayenne - France for storage dry food. Need more information ? Our specialist, Annabelle, is at your…

3PL Logistics know-how Transports Coué in image on their last tautliner

The last tautliner is in the image of our 3PL Logistics expertise. Find the details of our know-how on the following link : You have a project, our sales department is at your disposal at +33 (0)2…

Why did Transports Coué deploy the lastest Elio geolocation system on all its trucks ?

The deployment of the latest Eliot geolocation system allows us to continue to develop and implement ever more innovative and efficient tools to meet the quality requirements of ours customers.  It also meets a need of our drivers of simplicity…

Transports Coué equip its trucks with sensors on the rims

Because the safety of our drivers is a priority, we have equipped all our trucks with rim sensors. We receive alerts in real time about any type of tire malfunction and can analyze and intervene quickly to avoid any accident or breakdown. …

Transports Coué equip the new WMS GALATEE for the management of its Logistics

Our new customized logistics management tool, WMS GALATEE, enables the management of your stocks and your orders, fully paperless and in line with the ICPE legislation. Its online accessibility via our website and its EDI solutions are all assets…

Transports Coué and MDL in the Officiel des Transporteurs magazine

Officiel des Transporteurs magazine published a fantastic article on our new subsidiary, MDL, the south-eastern Evolutrans platform, which was created through our partnership with Provence Distribution Logistique.

Transports Coué and Provence Distribution Logistique take over MDL, based in Nîmes (30, Gard) in France

On the 1st of December 2018, Transports Coué et Provence Distribution Logistique acquired MDL (Méditerranée Distribution Logistique), a road haulage and logistics company. . Thanks to this partnership, MDL, based in Nîmes (30, Gard, France),…

Transports Coue on FAQ Logistique

We are now in partnership with FAQ Logistique : a portal dedicated to logistics, haulage, and supply chain which allows professionals in our sector to connect with one another. You can find Transports Coué's file on FAQ Logistique at : h…

Transports Coué is among the Top 150 logistics companies in France

We feature among the Top 150 logistics companies, listed in a special June issue of Supply Chain Magazine. With this moment in the spotlight we can start to make a name for ourselves as we move into logistics.

Nîmes : the Transports Coué site has moved

On the 29th of March 2018, the Transports Coué Nîmes branch moved to a new 4700 m² building at 114 rue Bacchus.

New Transports Coué semi-trailers with Derbigum and Volulots branding

Transports Coué has had two new semi-trailers delivered with our client Derbigum's branding: and Volulots EVOLUTRANS's branding :

Article & Vidéo Transports Coué acquires a new warehousing and logistics hub

Transports Coué is expanding, with the acquisition of a warehousing and logistics hub in Laval, Mayenne (53), in France Check out the Mayenne (53) Conseil Départemental You Tube video featuring Transports Coué, made following an interview…

Article in our client Derbigum’s newsletter :

Testimonial from Derbigum : "Transports Coué, an efficient and friendly partner"

Our new logistics hub at Laval in France

Our new logistics warehouse now sports our branding

Our Events

Transports Coué wish you a happy new year 2021

Very happy New Year 2021!

✨All Transports Coué employees would like to send you their BEST wishes for this year 2021! May it be filled with Happiness, Health and Success, and above all ... may it be reMarkable! ✨ #trucktransport #TeamCoué #NewYear2021 #FiersD…
Transports Coué wish you a happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year celebrations

✨François Coué and all of his teams wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅, an Excellent New Year's Eve 🌟, to spend wonderful moments with your loved ones! #Christmas #newyear #trucktransport
Présentation d'un camion Transports Coué à une classe de maternelle à Laval

Glenn, one of our drivers, presents his truck to a kingergarten class in Laval, France

Glenn, one of our drivers, showed his truck 🚛 to the kindergarten students 💁‍♀️💁 of De La Salle school in Laval. Get into the cab, sit behind the wheel, then get into the trailer 🤩! A symbolic moment to explain to children…
Transports Coue Entrainement La Diagonale des Fous maintenue Fred Transports Coue reste motive

Frédéric Serre in La Reunion is preparing for the Diagonale des Fous 2021

Story “Fred & La Diagonale des fous” 🖥 Episode 3 Frederic Serre, who left for La Reunion Island despite the cancellation of the Diagonale des Fous, let us enjoy these magnificent landscapes while continuing his training…
Transports Coue participate in the employment meeting in Laval in France

Transports Coué participate in the employment meeting in Laval in France

𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗱𝘆: "Are you looking for a position in a dynamic & human-sized Transport / Logistics company? Meet us with Harold & Alexandra, our recruitment team, at the employment meeting in Laval this Thursday, October 15 from…
Frederic Serre is preparing for the Diagonale des Fous 2021

The Diagonale des Fous is canceled!

It is with great regret that we learned of the cancellation ❌ of the La Diagonale des fous sporting event which was to take place in Réunion from October 15 to 18. We can imagine the disappointment of Frédéric Serre, Manager of our Eastern…
La Diagonale des Fous maintenue Fred Transports Coue reste motive

La Diagonale des Fous maintained, Frédéric Serre remains very motivated!

Story "Fred & La Diagonale des fous" 🖥 Episode 3 It is with pleasure that we inform you that Fred, our Head of the Eastern Agency, continues his training in anticipation of his challenge La Diagonale des Fous which remains…
Transports Coué au SITL 2020 en version digital derriere nos ecrans

Transports Coué at SITL Digital 2020

If you can't meet in the aisles of SITL 2020, let's talk about your logistics and transport projects virtually, from June 23 to 26 📅, in digital version. Via the thematic "Virtual Tours" or in a video business meeting 🖥 as if you were…
Transports Coué formation Aftral à notre entrepôt article

AFTRAL training at Transports Coué warehouse

For their docking maneuvers 🚛, AFTRAL students come to practice at the dock of our logistics warehouse. Nothing better than putting theory into practice! 👍 #transportscoue #transport #logistique #aftral #formation #routier #truck #truckdriver…
Frederic Serre Responsable agence Transports Coué à Balgau se prépare pour faire la diagonale des Fous Episode 2

Frédéric SERRE made his 2nd trail to prepare for the Diagonale des Fous !

Story "Fred & La Diagonale des fous" 🖥 Episode 2 This Saturday March 1st, as part of his preparation for La Diagonale des fous, Fred made his 2nd trail 〽️: 📍Trail du Petit Ballon, 56 Kms 2200 D +, in 8h34 ⏱! "Weather…
Transports Coué au RDV de l'emploi 2020 à Laval

Transports Coué at RDV of employment in Laval (France)

"Wednesday, March 25, meet us at the RDV of employment in Laval (France) from 9 am to 5 pm! " Sandy & Harold, our recruiting team👥 . 📍Salle polyvalente, Place de Hercé, à Laval (53, Mayenne, France) #laval #offredemploi #recrutement…
Transports Coué exercices incendie entreprot ICPE

Fire drills with Laval firefighters in our warehouse classified ICPE

This Tuesday, January 28, the objective of the Laval firefighters' intervention was twofold: ☑️ Putting our fire fighting strategy into practice ☑️ Establishment of a common organization with our respective teams the most effective in…
Frederic Serre Responsable agence Transports Coué à Balgau se prépare pour faire la diagonale des Fous

Frédéric SERRE, Head of Transport Coué agency in Balgau (68), France, is preparing for the Diagonale des Fous!

"I have always been fascinated by nature, and especially the mountains 🏔 and the summits" Frédéric Serre, Manager of our agency in Balgau (68). It is therefore natural that for the 10th year, Fred began to practice Trail, a discipline…
Transports Coué au Salon SITL 2020

Transports Coué at SITL 2020

Let's meet at SITL from March 17 to 20, 2020! Transport and Logistics Industry Exhibition 📌Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte 📌Hall 6 Stand E012 - Village Matières Dangereuses ❗️ Do you have a logistics or transport project? Let's…
Transports Coué repas vœux 2020

Our Wish Meal January 10, 2020

This January 10, François Coué took the opportunity to thank his entire team for the work accomplished in 2019 in the footsteps of what his father built. A beautiful tribute that lets profile a year 2020 still with beautiful perspectives… #transportscoue…
Très belles années 2020

Transports Coué wishes you a Happy New Year 2020

All our best WISHES for the year 🌟2020🌟 May it be rich in happiness, health, success... for you and your loved ones !
Transports Coué remise d'une remorque Tautliner aux Lycéens  Bac Pro Conducteurs Transport routier

Transports Coué handed a Tautliner to high schools students lorry driver in Mayenne (France)

Sandy & Harold, our human capital research team, handed over on November 25th one of our TautLiner trailers for the training of high school students lorry driver at the Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Mayenne (France). They took the opportunity…
Transports Coué campagne de recrutement conducteurs 2020

Transports Coué launch its campaign for the recruitment of road drivers (H/F)

We are organizing a Recruitment Campaign in France for SPL (H / F) drivers in national and regional positions starting in February 2020 Find the description : Interested? Send…
Etudiant IUT Logistique visite plateforme Logistique ICPE Transports COUE

Transports Coué welcome 4 students in IUT Gestion & Logistique on October 24, 2019

Guided tout this October 24 of our logistics platform in Laval (53, France) classified ICPE (French dangerous goods certificiation) 4 students in IUT Gestion & Logistique in Alençon (61, Orne, France) exchanged with us to feed their…
Transports Coué porte ouverte aux familles 05-10-2019

Doors Open to families of Transports Coué Employees October 05, 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019, we opened the doors of our company to our families. True moment of sharing, exchange on our job. We had a good time! Thank you all And for their contribution to this success, thank you also: ➡️ to the AFTRAL…
Transports Coué au RDV de l'emploi le 17/10/2019

Transports Coué at the Laval Job meetup on the 17/10/2019 in France

Come and meet our HR team, Sandy & Alexandra, and our coordinator coordinator, Harold, on October 17th at the Job and Alternate Appointment Reunion at Laval's Salle Polyvalente in France. The transport world is moving, constantly evolving…

Transports Coué support #LMTR Le Monde du Transport Réuni

Transports Coué support the initiative of the french association Le Monde du Transport Réuni whose objective is to revalue the professions of the Transport & Logistics sector and to create vocations. And to support this important initiative,…
Transports Coue a Top Transport 2019 avec OTMS

Transport Coué to business meetings TOP TRANSPORT EUROPE 2019 with OTMS

Once again this year, on 16 and 17 October 2019, we meet again at Top Transport Europe business meetings in Marseille (13), at the Palais du Pharo, on the booth of our partner OTMS. Always an event rich in meetings, projects and collaborati…

Volupal, the Transports Coué parcel transport service brand, at the 2019 Transport Logistic trade show in Munich

Volupal, our parcel transport service brand, will be at the  Transport Logistic trade show in Munich, Germany, from the 4th to the 7th of June 2019 – an opportunity to tell people about our network and explore new markets. Hall A5.31…

Transports Coué at the Laval job meetup on the 03/04/2019 in France

Job dating ! Come and find us at the vocation and job meetup in Laval (53, Mayenne) on Wednesday the 3rd of April from 9:30am to 5pm. Salle polyvalente / Place de Hercé / Laval /France Positions available : HGV Mechanic SH Drivers LH…

Transports Coué is organising a conference at SITL (Transport and Logistics innovation week) on logistics and hazardous materials

We are organising a conference on offsite logistics for hazardous materials and sensitive goods during the SITL trade show in France, at Atelier 1 from 1:15pm to 1:45pm.

Transports Coué at the 2019 SITL trade fair from the 26th to the 28th of March

Transports Coué is taking part in the SITL trade fair from the 26th to the 28th March 2019, Paris Porte de Versailles, Hall 1 Stand M25.

Transports Coué at the 2018 Artibat trade fair in France, stand 10B K44

Come and see Transports Coué at the 2018 ARTIBAT trade fair in France, an event for construction and CPW at the Rennes convention centre which runs from the 24th to the 26th of October 2018.

Transports Coué will be at 2018 Top Transport Europe trade show with OTMS

With our partner OTMS, we will once more be participating in the Salon Top Transport Europe on the 17th et 18th of October 2018 in Marseille : an opportunity to promote our services during meetings with decision-makers from the big industrial…

Transports Coué is taking part in the 2018 driver of the year competition in France

With the obligatory 12 points on his licence and an excellent driving record day after day, David SCHREIBER has been chosen from among many candidates to represent the Transports Coué brand at the 2018 driver of the year competition. He still…

Transports Coué at the Laval job meetup (Mayenne, 53) in France

We took part in the job meetup organised in Laval to bring fresh talent and a new lease of life into our team.

February 2018, taking part in the Vinisud trade show in Montpellier in France

Transports Coué is participating in Vinisud, international trade show for wines from the South, from the 18th to the 20th of February 2018 at the Montpellier convention centre (34, Herault). Come and see us : hall B3, aisle B, stand 28

November 2017, part in the Logistics Meetings trade show in Cannes in France

As we are rapidly expanding our warehousing activity, we will be attending the Logistics Meetings trade show at the Palais des Festival et des congrès in Cannes (France) on the 22nd & 23rd of november 2017. Come and find out about our logistics…

October 2017, taking part in the Top Transport trade show with OTMS

We will once again be taking part in this business speed-dating event via our partner OTMS - an opportunity to show the big industrial groups what we can do.

Giving back

Transports Coue Campagne FNTR soutien metier du transport routier

If you have it, a truck brought it to you!

We are one of the 𝟯𝟬 𝟬𝟬𝟬 trucks 🚛 that will crisscross the roads of France in the colors of the FEDERATION NATIONALE DES TRANSPORTS ROUTIERS (FNTR) campaign to highlight our profession a little more! IF YOU HAVE IT, A TRUCK…

Transports Coué Aime(nt) comme Mayenne

Great initiative that we support ! 👉The Mayenne Departmental Council makes 521 m² of offices and meeting rooms available to businesses, local authorities and Mayenne associations on the 13th floor of the Tour Montparnasse in the heart of…
Transports Coué tournoi inter-entreprises de Futsal à Laval

Transports Coué at the Futsal inter-company tournament in Laval

⚽️ The colors of Transports Coué were valiantly defended Friday, December 20, 2019 during the inter-company futsal tournament in Laval. Glenn, Richard, François, Flavien, Jacky and their team made us share a beautiful "Couésion" !!! Bravo…
Transports Coué soutiennent l'Etoile Lavalloise Mayenne futsal Club

Transports Coué official parnter of the Etoile Lavalloise Mayenne Futsal Club

We support the Etoile Lavalloise Mayenne Futsal Club ⚽️! We wish them a very good season and look forward to going to encourage them in the future "Espace Mayenne"! ➡️ ➡️
Transport Coué participent à la course cycliste La Ronde Mayennaise 2019

Transports Coué put a podium trailer at the disposal of “La Ronde Mayennaise” in France 2019

Once again this year, we are partners in the "La Ronde Mayennaise" cycling race (Elite Nationale) in France by providing a podium trailer. This beautiful competition of amateurs and professionals takes place Sunday, September 15 in Laval…

Transports Coué to the prologue of the Boucles de la Mayenne 2019 in France

1st step : the prologue Thierry, our charterer, is one of the official bikers of the Boucles de La Mayenne in France. At the start of the cycling race, the car of the guests in the colors of Transports Coué! Our whole team wishes cyclists good…

Transports Coué at the festival Les 3 Elephants 2019 in France

Like last year, we are partners of the festival Les 3 Elephants from 22 to 26 May 2019 in Laval (53, Mayenne, France). We provide a refrigerator semi-trailer: your drinks will be very fresh!

Transport Coue to the Boucles de la Mayenne 2019 in France

We will be present again this year as sponsor at Boucles de la Mayenne in France with our famous balloon. The 2019 edition will once again be broadcast on the Chaîne L'Equipe !

Our participants in the “6h mountain bike” challenge of the Ernée in France Mayenne

Congratulations to our 3 brave competitors who took part in the "les 6h de VTT" challenge of the Ernée in France on May 1st, 2019 !

A Transports Coué Team for 6h of mountain biking at Ernée (53)

On the 1st of May 2019 at Ernée (53, Mayenne), we will be supporting our team in a sporting challenge : 6 hours of mountain biking on the Raymond Demy Circuit, organised by Moto Club Ernée !

Transports Coué is sponsoring the May-Aides programme

We are sponsoring Les May Aides,  a fantastic initiative to raise funding for the Femmes Solidaires organisation, which works for  equality and women's rights. This is why, from the 22nd of March to the 1st of April, 2 women from…

Transports Coué at festivals this summer

Transports Coué is getting involved in organising festivals this summer : we will be in charge of transporting sound equipment from Hellfest (44 Clisson) to the Eurockéennes (90 Belfort) and will be supplying Les Vieilles Charrues with 1000l…

Transports Coué is warehousing goodies for the Tour de France

Transports Coué is taking part in the Tour de France storing 48 pallets of goodies for the upcomin stages of the Tour de France.  Pallets full of samples of sweets, laundry products, glue, bags... all heading for you, the public, who…

Transports Coué in partnership with “Boucles de la Mayenne” in France from the 31st of May to the 3rd of June 2018

We participated in the "Boucles de la Mayenne", cycle race, a national event broadcast on Equipe 21.

From the 25th to the 27th of May 2018, Transports Coué will be at Les 3 Eléphants festival in Laval in France

Transports Coué  is providing a refrigerated semi-trailer for Les 3 Elephants festival, in Laval : keeping the drinks nice and fresh !

Transports Coué at the prize-giving for the French Championship for trainee lorry drivers

Transports Coué was at the prize-giving ceremony for the French Championship for trainee lorry drivers, help at the Léonard-de-Vinci Professionnal Training College in Mayenne on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May 2018. Congratulations to the…

Transports Coué, our fleet photographed by our driver Aurélien Perrault

Thanks to Aurélien PERRAULT, our photographer and driver, for this magnificient shot of our fleet !

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