Our activity TCM, Trans-Containers du Maine, is specialised in the transport of your containers. Thanks to our strategic geographical location, we efficiently manage the upstream and downstream flows of Western France with our own fleet of 30 container carriers, for optimised flexibility in all your imports and exports.

In-house storage park of 200 maritime containers based in Laval (53, Mayenne)

Rationalisation of your costs with “one way” solutions thanks to 2 dry ports, one based in Laval and the other based in Montoir de Bretagne (44, Loire-Atlantique)

Pre or post-carriage thanks to a fleet of 35 tractors and 50 20 or 40 foot container chassis in single or double trains

Loading and unloading with 2 Reach Stackers with a lifting capacity of 45t

Contracts in place for more than 10 years with major shipping companies to ensure dry or ADR import and export

Unloading and stuffing of containers

Storage and palletisation for pallet distribution

Authorisation for the transport of dangerous goods ADR

Reliable and proactive traceability with “Eliot” Geolocation

Dedicated contacts to listen to your technical constraints

Organisation of your customs formalities

Economy of scale thanks to a global solution controlled from end to end

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Our news Container Transport

Groupe Coué-TRM 99.1% de taux de service Transport et Logistique 3PL

99,1 % Transport & Logistics 3PL service rate in 2023

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🧐 Every month we measure our 📈 3PL service rate with our customers for whom we store 📦 and transport 🚛 products (inventory management, transit times, picking, lead times, ...) 💪 Thanks to the investment of our logistics, transport…
Sotecan International certifiée RDE pour les opérations de douane

Sotecan International certified RDE for customs operations

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🚀 Certified Registered Customs Representative (RDE), our entity 𝗦𝗢𝗧𝗘𝗖𝗔𝗡 𝗜𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗔𝗟 now offers companies a complete service in managing their import-export with the performance…
Nos camions gaz ont économisés 132 tonnes de CO2 en 2023

Our CNG trucks saved 132 tonnes of CO2 in 2023!

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🌍 Coué TRM group has been committed to sustainable development for several years, adopting an eco-responsible 🌱 approach in all aspects of its activities. One of the pillars of our environmental commitment is the transition to environmentally-friendly…
Exportation par container de matériels industriels géré

Export of industrial equipment to South Africa through our import/export structure

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⚡️ Live loading 🏗 of crates containing industrial equipment from our TCM entity in 📍 Laval to South Africa, organized by our SOTECAN INTERNATIONAL structure. Through our various activities in our Group Coué - TRM (Road Transport,…
Sotecan International, freight forwarder air, sea, road

Sotecan International, freight forwarder import / export, air, sea, road

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Air, sea and road freight forwarder, our subsidiary Sotecan International supports you in managing your imports and exports. A subsidiary of our Coué-TRM group, also based in Laval (53 Mayenne), Sotecan International pools the know-how of…

Our TRM & TCM entities have signed up to Objective CO2!

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🌿 Aware of our environmental impact as a transport operator 🚛, we wanted to be able to participate, on our own scale, in the National Low Carbon Strategy (SNBC). 🌍 We are delighted to be able to share with you today the Objective CO2…

Do you want to expand internationally?

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🌍Do you want to expand internationally? ❓ Sotecan International can help you with all your projects ✅ With our integrated transport solutions 🚛 (tarpaulin, container carrier), logistics (hazardous and sensitive) 🏬 and customs procedures…
Transports Coué TRM équipent leurs camions au biocarburant Oleo100

Installation of an Oleo100 biofuel tank

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👥 Let's go on the road together 🌿 Installing our tank of Biocarburant Oleo100 🌾 ! Committed to Decarbonised Transport 🌍 , we equip our 1st trucks with Oleo100 for regional and national routes thanks to a significant on-board…

Sotecan International joined the WWCA network

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We are proud and happy to announce you that SOTECAN INTERNATIONAL is welcomed en joined World Wine Cargo Alliance (WWCA) network. WWCA is logistics network specialized in international logistics for wine and spirits. France is a major…

Coué Logistics approved as a bonded warehouse

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⚡ Logistique Coué warehouse 📦 has been approved as a customs transit warehouse. This new certification 🏅 allow us : ✅ to manage all imported and exported goods ↔️ outside the European Union ✅ to provide our customers with the…
transport de bois d'une scierie vis transport de containers

Transport of wood by container via TCM

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Thanks to our strategic geographical location, we efficiently manage the upstream and downstream flows of Western France with TRANS-CONTAINERS DU MAINE In picture, the loading of wood from a sawmill into a container destined to the port of…

The Coué Group organises your entire distribution chain :