If logistics is not your core business ?
If you have well-defined objectives but your outsourcing needs are unclear ?
If you want to be more competitive and react more quickly to meet your clients’ needs ?

Let us help to guide you through the logistics for your project.
Specialists in providing bespoke solutions, for us every project, whether completed or not, is unique, and we modify our approach as your project progresses.
Not just a service provider but a partner, we deliver human-centred solutions that are always compatible with how quickly – or slowly – your project moves forward.

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Your 3PL Partner at the crossroads of the Grand-Ouest region in Pays de Loire (Mayenne, 53)

Our Technical Strengths :

  • 8 independent units from 275 to 350 m²
  • Fully contained facilities to prevent any leaks
  • A high level of fire protection with FM200 gas or water sprinklers
  • 2-hour fire rated walls, roof, and doors
  • High-security alarm and protection

Our Regulatory Strengths :

  • Approved Seveso-classified facilities
  • Seveso headings already active :

    1510-3 : storage of combustible products or substances
    2662-3 : storage of polymers
    4110 : acute toxicity solid or liquid mixtures
    4120-2-b : acute toxicity liquid mixtures
    4331-1 : flammable liquids
    4441-2 : oxidising liquids
    4510-2 : hazardous for the aquatic environment cat 1
    4511-2 : hazardous for the aquatic environment cat 2
    1450 : flammable solids
    4421 : organic peroxides in solid form

  • Constant monitoring of regulation with the regional environment administration
Transports coue specialiste logistique stockage matieres dangereuses

Our Logistics Strenghts :

  • We can help you to establish contract specifications to fit your project or work with specifications that are already clearly set out :
    • Supply (transport fully covered from factories in France…)
    • Taking product deliveries (single or mixed pallets…)
    • Warehousing (high-volume, pallets, long loads, short or long term…)
    • Preparing orders (with or without picking and assembly…)
    • Delivery (set delivery time, delivery to construction sites, parcel transport service…)
    • Stock monitoring and delivery tracking (WMS, EDI)
  • Working together to pre-empt any issues that may need attention for increased security :
    • Differences in product lines, reference type …
    • Stock requirements (ADR, expiry date)
    • Product labelling, individual or packaged
  • Setting out a modifiable bespoke contract based on clear performance indicators :
    • Fulfilling your delivery objectives
    • Meticulous order preparation
    • Meeting deadlines…
    • Deadlines for addressing and settling legal disputes
  • Adapting logistics procedures to ensure the project is properly managed throughout :
    • A dedicated team ready to adapt to your needs
    • Regular steering committee meetings between our operational teams
    • Modifying the way we work depending on seasonality
    • Optimising transport solutions (part loads, parcel transport, express service)
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Efficient and friendly partnership :

In 2015, Derbigum, a Belgian international company specializing in waterproofing roofs wanted a 3rd logistics platform in the West of France because those in the Paris region and Lyon did not respond, either in terms of reliability or in terms of deadlines. of deliveries to this most important area of the market.

Accompanied effectively by the study until the implementation of their project, they were able in March 2016 to offer their customers to order before 12 noon and to be delivered the next morning on site or on site. The turnkey organization (logistics + transport) and the team permanently dedicated to listening to them very quickly made it possible to extend this service to the whole of France in maximum 48 hours in the most distant departments.

With now only one platform in France, they trust their partner who makes continuous improvement of their services a priority every day of the year!

Communication Derbigum sur son partenariat avec Transports Coué sur leur logistique

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