If logistics is not your core business ?
If you have well-defined objectives but your outsourcing needs are unclear ?
If you want to be more competitive and react more quickly to meet your clients’ needs ?

Let us help to guide you through the logistics for your project.
Specialists in providing bespoke solutions, for us every project, whether completed or not, is unique, and we modify our approach as your project progresses.
Not just a service provider but a partner, we deliver human-centred solutions that are always compatible with how quickly – or slowly – your project moves forward.

Your 3PL Partner at the crossroads of the Ouest region in Pays de Loire

Along the A81 highway, in Laval (53, Mayenne), we have 30 000 m² of covered warehouses.

Our Logistics Strenghts :

  • Support you in your project as close as possible to your needs:
    • Supply from your suppliers or factories in France or abroad
    • Organization of your air and sea transport with customs procedures
    • Organization of your road transport in France and Europe
    • Reception of products (pallets, packages, container stripping, …)
    • Storage (mass, pallets, lenghts, temporary, long term, …)
    • Order preparation (by pallets, package, lenght, …)
    • Just in time management (order before 12 a.m, preparation and loading on the same day)
    • Delivery D+1 or D+2 whole France BtoB, BtoC, site, GMS, …
    • Stuffing, customs management and container export
    • Stock monitoring and delivery tracking (WMS, EDI)
  • Working together to pre-empt any issues that may need attention for increased security :
    • Differences in product lines, reference type …
    • In compliance with ICPE regulations
    • Storage regulations (product compatibility, expiry date, …)
    • Food security protocole
  • Setting out a modifiable bespoke contract based on clear performance indicators :
    • Fulfilling your delivery objectives
    • Meticulous order preparation
    • Meeting deadlines…
    • Deadlines for addressing and settling legal disputes
    • Implementation of KPI in a continuous improvement process
  • Adapting logistics procedures to ensure the project is properly managed throughout :
    • A dedicated team ready to adapt to your needs
    • Regular steering committee meetings between our operational teams
    • Modifying the way we work depending on seasonality
    • Optimising transport solutions (part loads, parcel transport, express service, container, large volume, …)
Entrepôt logistique Grand Volume ELM
Logo Entreposage Logistique du Maine
Large Volume Logistics Warehouse ELM

Dry Storage :

  • Large Volume Logistics
  • 26,000 m² spread over 8 warehouses
  • Installation Classified for the Environmental Protection (ICPE 1510)
  • Rack or mass storage solutions
  • Voluntary approach for HACCP certification
  • Alarm and video surveillance system
  • Customized E-commerce logistics solution

Dangerous material storage :

  • Installation Classified for the Environmental Protection (ICPE) under Authorization
  • Proven protection of your goods against light, dust, humidity and temperature fluctuation
  • Ventilation with air extractors suitable for odorous products
  • Installation under retention preventing any external spillage
  • A high level of fire protection with FM200 gas or water sprinklers
  • High-security alarm and protection 24h/24
  • 2-hour fire rated walls, roof, and doors
  • Permanent regulatory watch with DREAL
  • Seveso headings already active :

    1510-3 : storage of combustible products or substances
    2662-3 : storage of polymers
    4331-1 : flammable liquids
    4441-2 : oxidising liquids
    4510-2 : hazardous for the aquatic environment cat 1
    4511-2 : hazardous for the aquatic environment cat 2
    4421 : organic peroxides in solid form

Our partners :

  • WMS with our partner PIXAO and its software Galatée
    * Management of batch numbers, SSCC, DLC …
    * Transmission of information via EDI
    * Access to your stocks online in real time
    * Entering your orders online
    * Tracking of your shipments online

  • Complete management of our hazardous materials storage via NOMEREF

    Real-time access via our NOMEREF software, zone by zone, of all of our stored hazardous materials, making the link with all the useful hazard properties, as well as the quantities and types of products excluding hazardous materials.

    Transports Coué equipped with the NOMEREF software package

Transports coue specialiste logistique stockage matieres dangereuses
Transports coue, logistics specialist, storage of hazardous materials ICPE

Our Logistics News

Sotecan International will attend the Intermodal America 2023 !

, , ,
We are happy to announce you that Sotecan International will attend the 2023 Intermodal America at Sau Paulo (Bresil), from Feb 28th to March 03rd. We are attending this conference under the World Wine Cargo Alliance umbrella. In few words,…

Sotecan International joined the WWCA network

, , , ,
We are proud and happy to announce you that SOTECAN INTERNATIONAL is welcomed en joined World Wine Cargo Alliance (WWCA) network. WWCA is logistics network specialized in international logistics for wine and spirits. France is a major…

Coué Logistics approved as a bonded warehouse

, , , ,
⚡ Logistique Coué warehouse 📦 has been approved as a customs transit warehouse. This new certification 🏅 allow us : ✅ to manage all imported and exported goods ↔️ outside the European Union ✅ to provide our customers with the…

All the best for 2023!

, , ,
🌟 We wish you a Happy New Year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ and may it bring you and your loved ones Health, Happiness and Success !✨ #Overseas
Transports Coué labellisés Transport & Logistique Responsables

Transports Coué awarded the Responsible Transport & Logistics label!

, , , ,
✅ After formalising all our CSR actions implemented to carry out the E.S.G. (Environment, Social and Governance) assessment, Transports Coué has been awarded the "Responsible Transport & Logistics" label We are therefore proud that our…

Warehouse Coué in Laval France : an Installation Classified for the Environmental Protection (ICPE) under Authorization

, , ,
🔸️Installation Classified for the Environmental Protection (ICPE) under Authorization ✔️1510-3 : storage of combustible products or substances ✔️2662-3 : storage of polymers ✔️4331-1 : flammable liquids ✔️4441-2 : oxidising…
Our HR team of the Coué Group at the junior high school to present transport and logisitic professions

Presentation of our professions to junior high school student!

, ,
In October, our HR team visited Alain Gerbault secondary school in Laval (53), France to present the little-known attractions of the road transport 🚛 and logistics 📦 professions to 9th graders who were in the process of choosing their…
ransports Coué at the Salon Artibat 2021

Participation at the Salon Artibat 2021!

, ,
⚡️ Our back-to-school season is full of 🤩 events! Definitely the desire to meet you 💬 after a year of distancing ! In parallel of the Top Transport Europe show in the South of France in Marseille, also meet our teams of the Coué Group…
Annabelle Courteille explain the new logistic reglementation

New Logistics Regulations explained by Annabelle Courteille

, ,
⚡𝗔𝗻𝗻𝗮𝗯𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗲, our Logistic Sales Engineer from the Coué Group, 🎤 brought her 𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗶𝘀𝗲 on the complexity of the new Logistics regulations during…
Présentation Transports Coué, TRM et MDL dans la Gazette de PFM PALBANK


, ,
Thank you to 𝗣𝗙𝗠 𝗣𝗔𝗟𝗕𝗔𝗡𝗞 for this article in their 𝗚𝗮𝘇𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲 𝗻°𝟲. Find the presentation of the PFM PALBANK solution on their website : #Pallet #RoadTran…
Transport Coué and TRM at the SITL trade show

Meet us at the SITL 2021

, ,
[𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘] From the 𝟭𝟯th to the 𝟭𝟱th 𝗦𝗲𝗽𝘁 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭 come to meet us at the 𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗟 trade show ! ⚡️Present on the stand n° 𝗡𝟮𝟳, we will also host :🔘…
Alliance of Transports Coué and TRM in picture

Alliance of Transports Coué and TRM in picture !

, ,
📸In picture, the alliance 🔗 of our 2 companies : 𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗲́𝗹𝗶𝗲𝗻, one of our drivers 🚛 Coué, comes to pick up goods 📦 at our TRM Logistics 🏢 for a common client🤝! 📸 Thank you Aurélien for this nice…
Transports Coué and TRM Group have joined their forces to offer a complete range of transports and logistics solutions

Alliance of Transports Coué and TRM Group

, ,
🤝 Transports Coué and TRM Group have joined their forces to offer an even more complete range of logistics and transport solutions ! ✅ Road transportation 🚛 large volume, tarpaulin, fridge and container ✅ Logistics and storage…
Transports Coué are equipped with a heavy load handling arm for their logistics

Acquisition of a Neoditech handling arm for our logistics

, ,
⚡ In a constant concern to preserve the health of our employees, we have invested in a Neoditech handling arm !   This new tool 🛠 added to the forklift allows to lift and move heavy loads up to 100kg !In video 🎥 on our facebook page,…
Management via software packages of our storage of hazardous materials

Management via software packages of our storage of hazardous materials

, ,
The Ministry of Ecological Transition, in its post-Lubrizol plan, has reinforced the requirements for the storage of flammable 🔥 and combustible liquids, especially in logistics warehouses. One of the next obligations ❗️ will be to be…
Transports Coue Article Evolutrans Logistique Coue

Evolutrans article on our Logistics service

, , you Evolutrans for this article which shows the strong link which unites us and allows us as an SME to position ourselves in front of large logisticians thanks to the reliability…
Transports Coué de nouveau dans le classement des sociétés logistiques 3PL

Transports Coué listed in the top 125 of French 3PL logistics companie

, ,
We are delighted again this year to be part of the top 125 French 3PL logisticians! #logistics #news #truck
Transports Coué au SITL 2020 en version digital derriere nos ecrans

Transports Coué at SITL Digital 2020

, ,
If you can't meet in the aisles of SITL 2020, let's talk about your logistics and transport projects virtually, from June 23 to 26 📅, in digital version. Via the thematic "Virtual Tours" or in a video business meeting 🖥 as if you were…
Transports Coue activite logistique

Our operational logistics team

, ,
Our logistics team 👥, even a small one, remains operational 👍 to support all its customers in restarting ✅ their activity. We are delighted to participate in that of Triflex!
Transports Coué formation Aftral à notre entrepôt article

AFTRAL training at Transports Coué warehouse

, ,
For their docking maneuvers 🚛, AFTRAL students come to practice at the dock of our logistics warehouse. Nothing better than putting theory into practice! 👍 #transportscoue #transport #logistique #aftral #formation #routier #truck #truckdriver…
Transports Coué exercices incendie entreprot ICPE

Fire drills with Laval firefighters in our warehouse classified ICPE

, ,
This Tuesday, January 28, the objective of the Laval firefighters' intervention was twofold: ☑️ Putting our fire fighting strategy into practice ☑️ Establishment of a common organization with our respective teams the most effective in…
Transports Coué identifiés pour faire partie du Palmarès 2020 des champions de la croissance

Transports Coué identified as a growing company

, ,
Last September, our company was identified 🔍 by the newspaper Les Echos and the Statista Institute as a very serious candidate to appear in the 2020 list of 500 companies champions of growth 📈 over the period 2015-2018. February 07, 2020…
Transports Coué au Salon SITL 2020

Transports Coué at SITL 2020

, ,
Let's meet at SITL from March 17 to 20, 2020! Transport and Logistics Industry Exhibition 📌Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte 📌Hall 6 Stand E012 - Village Matières Dangereuses ❗️ Do you have a logistics or transport project? Let's…
Notre plateforme logistique déjà classée ICPE est désormais également déclarée auprès de la D.D.C.S.P.P. de la Mayenne pour le stockage de denrées alimentaires en sec

Logistics platform Transports Coué declared to the DDCSPP in Mayenne – France

, ,
Our logistics warehouse is declared to the DDCSPP (Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations) in Mayenne - France for storage dry food. Need more information ? Our specialist, Annabelle, is at your…
Etudiant IUT Logistique visite plateforme Logistique ICPE Transports COUE

Transports Coué welcome 4 students in IUT Gestion & Logistique on October 24, 2019

, ,
Guided this October 24th of our logistics platform in Laval (53, France) classified ICPE (French dangerous goods certificiation) 4 students in IUT Gestion & Logistique in Alençon (61, Orne, France) exchanged with us to feed their memory…

3PL Logistics know-how Transports Coué in image on their last tautliner

, ,
The last tautliner is in the image of our 3PL Logistics expertise. Find the details of our know-how on the following link : have a project, our sales department is at your disposal at +33 (0)2…

Transports Coué equip the new WMS GALATEE for the management of its Logistics

, ,
Our new customized logistics management tool, WMS GALATEE, enables the management of your stocks and your orders, fully paperless and in line with the ICPE legislation. Its online accessibility via our website and its EDI solutions are all assets…

Transports Coué is organising a conference at SITL (Transport and Logistics innovation week) on logistics and hazardous materials

, ,
We are organising a conference on offsite logistics for hazardous materials and sensitive goods during the SITL trade show in France, at Atelier 1 from 1:15pm to 1:45pm. Discover our logistics service :…

Transports Coué at the 2019 SITL trade fair from the 26th to the 28th of March

, ,
Transports Coué is taking part in the SITL trade fair from the 26th to the 28th March 2019, Paris Porte de Versailles, Hall 1 Stand M25.

Transports Coue on FAQ Logistique

, ,
We are now in partnership with FAQ Logistique. Is is a portal dedicated to logistics, haulage, and supply chain which allows professionals in our sector to connect with one another. You can find Transports Coué's file on FAQ Logistique at…

Transports Coué is among the Top 150 logistics companies in France

, ,
We feature among the Top 150 logistics companies, listed in a special June issue of Supply Chain Magazine. With this moment in the spotlight we can start to make a name for ourselves as we move into logistics.

Transports Coué at the 2018 Artibat trade fair in France, stand 10B K44

, ,
Come and see Transports Coué at the 2018 ARTIBAT trade fair in France, an event for construction and CPW at the Rennes convention centre which runs from the 24th to the 26th of October 2018.

Article & Vidéo Transports Coué acquires a new warehousing and logistics hub

, ,
Transports Coué is expanding, with the acquisition of a warehousing and logistics hub in Laval, Mayenne (53), in France Check out the Mayenne (53) Conseil Départemental You Tube video featuring Transports Coué, made following an interview…

November 2017, part in the Logistics Meetings trade show in Cannes in France

, ,
As we are rapidly expanding our warehousing activity, we will be attending the Logistics Meetings trade show at the Palais des Festival et des congrès in Cannes (France). It takes place on the 22nd & 23rd of november 2017. Come and find…

Newsflash : presenting our new warehouse in Laval

, ,
Discover our logistics service :

Feedback from our clients Derbigum

Efficient and friendly partnership :

In 2015, Derbigum, a Belgian international company specializing in waterproofing roofs wanted a 3rd logistics platform in the West of France because those in the Paris region and Lyon did not respond, either in terms of reliability or in terms of deadlines. of deliveries to this most important area of the market.

Accompanied effectively by the study until the implementation of their project, they were able in March 2016 to offer their customers to order before 12 noon and to be delivered the next morning on site or on site. The turnkey organization (logistics + transport) and the team permanently dedicated to listening to them very quickly made it possible to extend this service to the whole of France in maximum 48 hours in the most distant departments.

With now only one platform in France, they trust their partner who makes continuous improvement of their services a priority every day of the year!

Communication Derbigum sur son partenariat avec Transports Coué sur leur logistique

The Coué Group organises your entire distribution chain :