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On the road


Photo de François Coué

Bottle-feeded with diesel, the transport is everything in my life and my passion !

I started my professional life in 1999 at TRM as an order picker for one year.  In 2013, I took over the family business, TRANSPORTS COUE, which had been created by my father Francis Coué in 1983.

Since my experience at TRM, I have continued to follow its development with a watchful and kindly eye, and it was natural that in 2018 I contact its manager to tell him of my interest in TRM and its entities.

21 years later the order picker has come from a long way…

This new grouping of COUE and the TRM entities (TCM, ELM, SOTECAN INTERNATIONAL) allows us to offer a range of diversified solutions and makes us stronger to face the economic, environmental and societal challenges of today and tomorrow!

I am lucky to have reMarkables teams that I know are highly committed and on whom I can rely to move mountains!

François Coué