Lithium metal and ion

batteries storage

Lithium Metal and Ion batteries storage

Lithium Metal and Ion batteries storage

Your partner for storage logistics and transport of lithium metal and ion batteries

Protecting people and the environment is our responsibility and should not be underestimated.

Nowadays, the REACH regulation does not classify Lithium batteries as hazardous materials… Now experience shows that this technology, which designates highly flammable chemical solutions, must be treated as hazardous materials whether it is packaged on its own or with its equipment.

Externalize the products that increase your fire risk to a service provider with proven expertise in the storage and transportation of hazardous materials, it is a guarantee of safety for goods and people.

We meet regulatory standards with complete solutions for procurement, storage, order picking and distribution.

Our regulatory advantages

  • Warehouse classified ICPE (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment) under prefectural authorization for flammable products – authorized to store high performance batteries (> 100 WH and > 12 kg)
  • Permanent regulatory monitoring to respond to changes in the nomenclature in partnership with our insurance company’s Risk Prevention unit
  • ADR approved transport
Stockage batteries Lithion métal et ion Logistique Coué

Our technical advantages

  • Individual fireproof unit with 2H fire walls dedicated to batteries to avoid product incompatibility
  • High performance insulation with controlled temperature variations between 8° and 22°C
  • Automatic detection and adapted fire extinguishing system
  • 24-hour telesurveillance

Our operational strengths

  • Customs management and fiscal representation for multimodal transport via our Sotecan unit
  • Expertise in unloading bulk or palletized containers/trucks with quality control
  • Just-in-time order preparation for JJ parcel or pallet loading
  • A human-sized operational team for a personalized and evolving management of your project
  • Transport management in France 24/48h – Europe or export via multimodal transport
  • Tracking/KPI and online monitoring of your stocks

The Coué Group organises your entire distribution chain :