Do you want to bring the focus back to your work by delegating fleet management whilst still keeping your clients ?

Our solution :

  • We take over the existing fleet
  • We take over HR management
  • Fixed monthly rentals
  • Vans and semis

Benefits :

  • Personalised service tailored to your specifications
  • No more big investments
  • Zero hidden costs (damage, fines, materials)
  • Manage down time
  • Reduce variable costs
  • Optimise overall operating costs
  • Drivers assigned exclusively to your business
  • Monitoring of driver and vehicle data

Our commitments :

  • Roadworthy vehicles guaranteed, backup from our own fleet in case of breakdown and/or additional business
  • Vehicles and drivers guaranteed to be available whenever you are operating
  • Additional drivers with training in your sector to cover absences
  • An operational handbook of your clients’ procedures
  • A steering committee to ensure our collaboration is a growing success
  • Contracts tailored to your project, not fixed
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