The participation of Transports Coué in events, activities, sponsorship, etc.

Coué-TRM partenaire de l'Etoile Lavalloise

⚽️ We are proud to be again this year partner 🤝 of l’Etoile Lavalloise Mayenne Futsal Club !

✨🔥 The fervour and atmosphere of the 1st match suggests a wild season 😈 !!
👏 Bravo !

Our articles on our partnership with Etoile :

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👥 Our teams through their passions 📸

At the beginning of December, Karim, our Sotecan International salesman, participated in the 🏃 Annual Valencia Marathon:
☀️ Under a great sun and a pleasant temperature of 18°, he achieved a great performance, he finished it in 2h57!
💪Goals : run the marathons of the port cities! After Barcelona, Stockholm and Amsterdam, he is preparing for Boston, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Hamburg…
Thanks Karim for sharing your experience! 😊

Discover the passions of our teams:

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Transports Coué Partenaire Futsal Laval Mayenne

💥Transports Coué/TRM official partner of the Etoile ⭐️ Lavalloise Mayenne Futsal Club

Since the beginning of the school year, our reMarquables have been parading on the LED panels 🖥 during each Futsal ⚽️ match that takes place in the new emblematic place that has become the Espace Mayenne 🤩 !

Discover it on video:

And what better slogan to support them than ⚡The Mayennais are reMarkables !⚡

Congratulations to Etoile Lavalloise Mayenne Futsal Club, ranked in league 1, for their 3-2 victory last Saturday against Toulon!

Find all our news here :

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Transports Coué partner of the Ronde Mayennaise 2021

The 28th edition of the Ronde Mayennaise took place on the roads of our department this Sunday, September 12, 2021! 🚴

✨ We are happy to have contributed to this cycling race by lending the carrier of our trailer truck 🚛 for the organization of the finish.

Congratulations to the winners! 🏆

Find all our participations on our website:

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Karim salesman at Sotecan International at the May'Etik trail 2021

👏 Karim, our SOTECAN INTERNATIONAL salesman, took up the challenge of the May’Etik Trail on June 12th!

Under a blazing heat 🔥 and with a capricious heel, he finished this Mayenne eco-responsible trail event 💪 “It was an excellent ride through the landscapes of Mayenne and I will definitly do it again!” says Karim 🤩

⏱ Next sports appointment: the 25th of June with the “Nature is Bike”, a Gravel type bike race 🚴 that crosses the city of Laval (53)!

Bravo Karim and good luck for the next part of the race ! 😉

Find all the participations of our employees on : then in “Our events” & “Our participations”

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Transports Coué partner of the Boucles de la Mayenne 2021

A great edition of the Boucles de la Mayenne took place last week! 🚴

✨ We are happy to have been present, as close as possible to the cyclists thanks to our following car 🚗 and to Thierry, our charterer, cycling passionate and motorbike race supervisor 🏍

See you next year 👋

You can find all our participation on our website:

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Video the Remarkables of Transports Coué to illustrate the CSR approach in high school
The students 👥 in BAC PRO Transport 🚛 at the Don Bosco High School in the city of Mayenne (53), in France use our video “Les Mayennais sont reMarquables” as a support for their Economics classes to illustrate motivation and well-being at work
🙌 We are happy to see that this beautiful project around our employees continues to live to highlight this nice team cohesion !
📸 In picture, an extract of their first Newsletter made by the students of Junior Year Sény, Gabin, Arthur, Louis and Leo, in which we appear 🤩
Thank you to the High School & their students for this trust !
Discover our video “Les Mayennais sont reMarquables” and “Transports Coué in Video” on our web site :
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Transports Coue Campagne FNTR soutien metier du transport routier

We are one of the 𝟯𝟬 𝟬𝟬𝟬 trucks 🚛 that will crisscross the roads of France in the colors of the FEDERATION NATIONALE DES TRANSPORTS ROUTIERS (FNTR) campaign to highlight our profession a little more!


In french, “Si vous l’avez, c’est qu’un camion vous l’a apporté !”

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Great initiative that we support !

👉The Mayenne Departmental Council makes 521 m² of offices and meeting rooms available to businesses, local authorities and Mayenne associations on the 13th floor of the Tour Montparnasse in the heart of Paris!

👉This approach is accompanied by the creation of a MAYENNE brand, by adhering to its values that are the strength of Mayenne: know-how, good living and the values of solidarity and hospitality!

“Les Mayennais sont reMarquables” by Transports Coué :

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Transports Coué tournoi inter-entreprises de Futsal à Laval

⚽️ The colors of Transports Coué were valiantly defended Friday, December 20, 2019 during the inter-company futsal tournament in Laval.
Glenn, Richard, François, Flavien, Jacky and their team made us share a beautiful “Couésion” !!! Bravo for this beautiful sports mindset !

Watch the best actions on our Facebook account:

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