Qualité de service renfort jupe de protection des palettes Transports Coué

In a constant effort to improve our quality of service ✅, we have chosen higher pallet protection skirts🔝 to guarantee 🚛 optimal transport of our customers’ goods in the event of packaging deemed too fragile.

🧐 Rodolphe, our Dock Agent, has a daily eye for action !!!

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Transports Coue Article Evolutrans Logistique Coue

https://www.transports-coue.fr/en/our-company/our-partners/Thank you Evolutrans for this article which shows the strong link which unites us and allows us as an SME to position ourselves in front of large logisticians thanks to the reliability of our delivery times.

Find the description of Evolutrans services:

Transports Coué de nouveau dans le classement des sociétés logistiques 3PL

We are delighted again this year to be part of the top 125 French 3PL logisticians!

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En raison du coronavirus les formations se font en visioconférence

We took advantage of this complicated period to carry out training, continue to develop our skills🤓💪, …, while being masked 😷and by videoconference 🖥 in order to preserve our health protection.

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Transports Coue activite logistique

Our logistics team 👥, even a small one, remains operational 👍 to support all its customers in restarting ✅ their activity. We are delighted to participate in that of Triflex!

Transports Coué - réception de nouveaux tracteurs

Reception of new latest generation trucks: DAF 480XF 🚛!

Their start-up is planned for this month.

This regular renewal of our fleet is a guarantee of quality, it allows us to benefit from a fleet of vehicles always equipped with the latest technological innovations in terms:
– improving the comfort and safety of our drivers 👥
– reduction of CO2 emissions 🌱!

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Transports Coué identifiés pour faire partie du Palmarès 2020 des champions de la croissance

Last September, our company was identified 🔍 by the newspaper Les Echos and the Statista Institute as a very serious candidate to appear in the 2020 list of 500 companies champions of growth 📈 over the period 2015-2018.

February 07, 2020 Les Echos will publish the results of their survey in a special issue of Les Echos Week-end.

Whatever the result, it is already a source of great pride for us to have been selected from all French companies 🇫🇷



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Très belles années 2020

All our best WISHES for the year 🌟2020🌟

May it be rich in happiness, health, success… for you and your loved ones !

Notre plateforme logistique déjà classée ICPE est désormais également déclarée auprès de la D.D.C.S.P.P. de la Mayenne pour le stockage de denrées alimentaires en sec

Our logistics warehouse is declared to the DDCSPP (Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations) in Mayenne – France for storage dry food.

Need more information ? Our specialist, Annabelle, is at your disposal at +33 (0)2 43 56 63 30 or  acourteille@transports-coue.fr

The last tautliner is in the image of our 3PL Logistics expertise. Find the details of our know-how on the following link : https://www.transports-coue.fr/fr/logistique/

You have a project, our sales department is at your disposal at +33 (0)2 43 56 63 30 – contact@transports-coue.fr

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