Your warehousing and transportation partner hydroalcoholic gels and solutions (HAG and HAS)

Hydroalcoholic gels distribution

The Covid-19 or corona virus has increased sharply the need of hydroalcoholic gels and solutions in our country.

To ensure the continuity of supply for all French people, the government mobilizes many new manufacturers in order to produce enough and indirectly has created new distribution channels.

Gels and hydroacoholic solutions (HAG and HAS) are flammable or oxidizing products (according to safety sheet) and need specific logistics answers.

Transports Coue pictogramme produit inflammables comburants

Our storage and distribution solution

As a reminder storage and transportation in high quantity of gels and / or hydroalcoholic solutions (HAG and HAS) are subjected to the EU Seveso and ADR directives.


Protecting people and the environment is our responsibility and should not be underestimated.

Professionals meeting regulatory standards with turnkey solutions for storage, picking and distribution are there to advise you.

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